Gerrit Jan de Bruin

Cremerstraat 64 · 3532BG Utrecht · · · 31-10-1993

I am a PhD-candidate in Computer Science working both at Leiden University and the Government of the Netherlands. My research is about applying network science in the infrastructure domain in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The ultimate goal is to assist inspectorates in their risk assessment in a data-driven way. This can aid in maximizing safety and minimizing environmental pollution with only limited inspection capacity.

I first obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, but back then working with (substantial amounts of) data had already my interest. My masters is in analytical chemistry. In my MSc thesis I compared different analytical approaches to enforce sulphur emission regulation in international shipping, both from an instrumental and data science perspective.



Leiden University & Ministery of Infrastructure and Water Management

My research focuses on data and network science in the governmental domain. My supervisors from Leiden University are Frank Takes, Cor Veenman and Jaap van den Herik and from the Ministery Jasper van Vliet. I am part of the IDlab team within the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate.

2017 - Present

Mystery shopper


Although completely different to my main occupation, I have now more than ten years experience in mystery shopping. I like to contribute to a better experience for the clients I work for. I successfully completed hundreds of projects, ranging from service checks for airliners, to hotels, shops, and restaurants checks. For these projects, I sometimes switch to a different personality to get a genuine customer journey. In the end, I draft an extensive report which can be used for corporate compliancy checks, employee training or legal compliancy checks.

2017 - Present


Christian Church De Wegwijzer Almere

Managed with a team all ICT business including installing of cash decks, live streaming, website and communication system for more than 400 people.

2015 - 2019

System administrator

Van der Meer & Van Tilburg

Responsible for buying and maintaining all necessary cloud, hardware and software solutions for this innovative company. Did this as well for their projects, such as innovaction, greenovate, KPOT, KCBI, PIT, hoef-kwartier maken.

2014 - today

Student Assistant

Utrecht University

Helping at Open Days and "Meet the Bachelor" for the chemistry department and designing chemistry tests and make them available in DSO (Digital Chemistry Environment).

2012 - 2014




Gerrit Jan de Bruin, António Peirera Barata, Hendrik J. van den Herik, Frank W. Takes, Cor J. Veenman, Fair automated assessment of noncompliance in cargo ship networks, EPJ Data Science 11, 13 (2022).


Gerrit Jan de Bruin, Cor J. Veenman, Hendrik J. van den Herik, Frank W. Takes, Supervised temporal link prediction in large-scale real-world networks, Social Network Analysis and Mining 11, 80 (2021).


Gerrit Jan de Bruin, Cor J. Veenman, Hendrik J. van den Herik, Frank W. Takes, Experimental Evaluation of Train and Test Split Strategies in Link Prediction, in Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Complex Networks, Studies in Computational Intelligence 994, pp. 79-91, Springer, 2020.


Gerrit Jan de Bruin, Cor J. Veenman, Hendrik J. van den Herik, Frank W. Takes, Understanding Dynamics of Truck Co-Driving Networks, in Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Complex Networks, Studies in Computational Intelligence 882, pp. 140-151, Springer, 2019.


Gerrit Jan de Bruin, Cor J. Veenman, Hendrik J. van den Herik, Frank W. Takes, Understanding Behavioral Patterns in Truck Co-driving Networks, in Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Complex Networks, Studies in Computational Intelligence 813, pp. 223-235, Springer, 2018.


António Pereira Barata, Gerrit Jan de Bruin, Cor J. Veenman, Hendrik J. van den Herik, Frank W. Takes, Finding Anaomalies in Waste Transportation Data with Supervised Category Models, in Proceedings of the 27th Belgian Dutch Conference on Machine Learning, 15 pages, 2018.



Gerrit Jan de Bruin, , Cor J. Veenman, Hendrik J. van den Herik, Frank W. Takes, Understanding truck co-driving behaviour using network analysis, IC2S2, extended abstract, 2019.


António Pereira Barata, Gerrit Jan de Bruin, Frank W. Takes, Cor J. Veenman, Data-driven Risk Assessment in Infrastructure Networks, ICTOPEN, extended abstract, 2018.

Conference contributions

I chaired a session at MISDOOM 2020, and I assisted as a technical chair at BNAIC/BENELEARN 2020. Additionally, I have reviewed in total twelve papers for the following conferences.

Code contributions


Data Science and Process Modelling

(formerly Business Intelligence and Process Modelling)
Teaching assistant

This is a third year BSc course, where data science and process modelling is taught. In this course students learn to make a dashboard in JavaScript, analyze log-data with Petrinets, and make predictions with scikit-learn, among others.

2017 - 2020

Programming methods

Teaching assistant

Introduction course for overy 200 first year students, introducing them in the C++-language.

2018 - 2020

Student supervision




University of Amsterdam & Free University Amsterdam

MSc Analytical Chemistry

Internship at Human Environment & Transport Inspectorate, research on Efficient compliancy monitoring: Comparison of both airborne and landside sniffing and spectrometric methods to provide direct control on the sulfur emissions of ships.

Internship at TNO, research on Possibilities for breath examination in the detection of an inbody explosive.

Subjects of Choice: Machine Learning 1 (6 EC), Mathematica for Physicists (3 EC), Advanced Seperation Sciences (6 EC), Advanced Statistics (6 EC), Chemical Analysis for Forensic Evidence (6 EC), The Analytical Chemist in Industry (6 EC) and Environmental Chemistry (6 EC)

Compulsory courses: Compulsory courses:Fundamentals of Analytical Science (6 EC), Mass Spectrometry (6 EC), Separation Sciences (6 EC) and Biomolecular Spectroscopy (6 EC)

2015 - 2017

Utrecht University

BSc Chemistry

Internships at Van Wijhe Verf and "Condensed Matter and Interfaces" research group. Thesis about Nano-thermometry using Lanthanum Phosphates.

2012 - 2015

Van Lodenstein College


Bilingual education, Nature & Technique profile

2006 - 2012


Programming Languages & Tools

In short, I consider myself both a full-stack data sciencist as well as a full-stack web developer. I have extensive experience with machine learning.

  • Anglia Certificate of English - Advanced level with Merit Grade
  • Driving license
  • International Certificate of Competence Boating License Inland and Coast
  • Korfballtrainer 2 & Referee


2020 - present
Playing korfball at Synergo
2018 - 2019
Playing volleyball at UvO
2016 - 2019
Organizing “JIFE”: a sport community for youth in Almere Haven
2003 - 2016
Player, Trainer, Coach and Referee at MIA (korfball)
2013 - 2014
Organizing Chemistry Sessions for primary school “De Wartburg”, Woudenberg
2011 - 2012
Organizing Korfball Sessions for primary schools

In general, I like to play sports (including korfball, volleyball, softball, skiing, snowboarding). And since very recently, we have a boat! We plan to explore the many waterways in the Netherlands, which we will cover in a blog in the very near future. When weather conditions (or corona crisis) don't allow me to do this, I work on my home automation set-up, which includes now over 30 devices.